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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I choose xippy?
XippY was built by gamers, for gamers, and is designed for teams and online gamers website. All clan website features such as entering match results, changing team rosters, multiple games for multigaming clans, amongst others, were all specifically created to be very easy and straightforward to use. Our sites are not like e107 sites for example, which is a general content management system, and is not built specifically for clan websites. We are always working on updates and are ahead of the competition! With no bandwidth limits and no setup charges or setup hassle, what are you waiting for!

How long does it take to set the site up?
The site is setup automatically and instantly on receipt of payment via Paypal or Worldpay. If you use PayPal please use the button on the paypal site to return to Xippy. This ensures that your site will be set up instantly.

Do I need to know HTML?
No! We have specifically made our websites to be very easy to use for people who do not know any HTML or coding languages. All websites include a powerful web-based control panel that you can use to add to and modify your XippY website.

Can I use my own domain with a XippY site?
Yes you can! Please see here:

Do I need to buy web space?
No! All our XippY sites include web space with unlimited bandwidth. You do not need to install any files or use any FTP programs - we handle all of this for you.

Do you sponsor?
Currently not sponsoring, unless you're really, really good. sorry!

Can I get a free website?
No, you will need to pay like any other customer.

Do you supply some FTP space?
At the present moment we are not providing FTP space although we usually include 200mb of FTP space with no bandwidth limits free of charge. We are in the process of enhancing this for our customers!

Can I host the website myself or use my own webhosting?
NO, this is not possible! The reason is that the XippY system is centralised - every site runs from one set of code on the XippY host. You will have to use your hosting for other puposes, but not to host your XippY site.

Do you do custom themes?
We are not offering custom themes until the next update which should be before Jan 2012. With the next update it will be far easier to customise your own templates and make it easier for us to produce them. We will probably be using the SMARTY template system.

Can I get the site now but pay later?
We do not usually mind, but if customers take advantage of our generosity we will refuse and blacklist those offenders from future websites!

I am a customer and I need help! What do I do?
If you are already a customer, do not use the contact page on this website for support! Instead, login to your website's control panel and click on XippY Support. Here you can submit a support ticket which will be dealt with ASAP.

My site expired and was deactivated, and now I want to renew it. What do I do?
Please contact us and we can arrange this for you.

I can only pay by bank transfer, is this possible?
In some situations we will allow this. Please contact us, preferably through IRC and we will discuss this with you.