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This domain does not currently exist on the XippY network.

This could be for a number of reasons:

  1. Currently a XippY site will run under one sub-domain; if you ordered "domain.xippy.co.uk" it will only work via "http://domain.xippy.co.uk" and not "http://www.domain.xippy.co.uk". Please raise a support Ticket and we can add the WWW as an alias.
  2. You may have recently requested a domain change which has now been actioned. Please check the requested domain to see if your site is now located there.
  3. Your site may have exipired.
  4. You may have breached the terms and conditions of the service.

If you cannot find your site please contact us either by raising a request with the contact form, via IRC located at #xippy on quakenet.org or make a posting on our Forum under Bugs/Support.

If You were looking for someone else's site why not think about starting your own?
This is XippY - the Clan Website Solution. We specialise in providing powerful clan websites that are extremely easy to use at a very low cost. Every website comes complete with hosting on our fast dedicated servers visit our Home Page for more information.